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The WW2 History Club, an activities club of The Villages (Florida retirement community), has been active since Jan 2010.  The club's web site ( has been active since late August 2010.  The site was originally intended to be a repository for large files that had previously been attached to emails sent to members.  Placing the attachment on the web site and a link in the email reduced the size of emails substantially and virtually eliminated problems with InBox overflow

The site grew from its modest beginnings to a behemoth with thousands of pages and files plus hundreds of links to outside sites.   Not only did it become difficult to keep up, but most of the club members never visited the site anyway.  So it has returned to its original routes with a focus on club activities only.  All secondary material has been moved to another site:  A View of WWII

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Questions? Problems?  Contact the webmaster or one of the club's steering committee members.

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