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Which Email Service is Best?

Day 05-Oct-2014


Email has become a very large part of how people and businesses communicate.  It has also become a prime vehicle for SPAM, PHISHing, fraud and security breaches.  No system (computer, network, email program) is 100% resistant to the spammers, phishers, and hackers, but there is much you can to to tip the balance in your favor.

As a user, you can practice "safe email" by not doing silly things, but you have little control over network and email program security.  A large fraction of email users use one of the "email giants": Google Mail, HotMail (Microsoft) or Yahoo Mail.  All three companies are working all the time to improve things but certain trends and current conditions are worth noting.  Based on recent reviews, if you are concerned about security then select Hotmail.  Google Mail is not far behind but Yahoo Mail trails both.  This recent article is a decent summary.

It is also worth noting that the vast majority of WW2 History Club members who have had their email account hacked (based on club members telling me they have been hacked) were using Yahoo Mail.