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30-Apr-2017 WWII Ireland and the Nazis: a troubled history
29-Apr-2017 WWII Roza Shanina: The first Soviet female sniper to be awarded the Order of Glory
28-Apr-2017 WWII How Different Were Each of the Allies Own Plans to Defeat Hitler Originally?
27-Apr-2017 WWII 4 Rifles Used by Snipers in World War II
26-Apr-2017 WWII Why were 101 Uzbeks killed in the Netherlands in 1942?
25-Apr-2017 WWII What Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive, wants the world to know
24-Apr-2017 WWII Why I Hate My Uncle by William Hitler
23-Apr-2017 WWII Huge Japanese Carrier Shinano Was Sunk by Tiny Sub
22-Apr-2017 WWII Camp X was a top-secret international spy academy in Canada during WWII
21-Apr-2017 WWII How British criminals and killers used the dark days of WWII to unleash a crime wave 
20-Apr-2017 WWII Gallery: Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun through the years
19-Apr-2017 WWII A book from the Imperial War Museum includes rarely seen colour images taken by official photographers
18-Apr-2017 WWII The Nazi Board Games of World War II
17-Apr-2017 WWII Allied forces knew about Holocaust two years before discovery of concentration camps
16-Apr-2017 WWII Heroine of SOE spy network executed in a concentration camp after her colleague`s betrayal
15-Apr-2017 WWII Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo – 12 Amazing Facts About the Doolittle Raid
14-Apr-2017 WWII Ilse Koch: The Witch of Buchenwald
13-Apr-2017 WWII The Kurile Islands: Why World War II Never Ended
12-Apr-2017 WWII Playing World War II: Photographing an Ultra-Realistic semi-live fire Reenactment
11-Apr-2017 WWII Kristina Söderbaum, the Nazi Marilyn Monroe
10-Apr-2017 WWII Inside the secret labyrinth of WW2 tunnels dug a mile under the Rock of Gibraltar
09-Apr-2017 WWII Flak towers: massive reinforced concrete buildings built by the Nazis during World War II
08-Apr-2017 WWII Who Was Theodor Eicke?
07-Apr-2017 WWII Mystery as 14,000 Second World War dog tags found buried in field
06-Apr-2017 WWII Channel Islands sees them turned into ‘impregnable fortress` on Nazi Mega Weapons
05-Apr-2017 WWII Who Was Lyudmila Pavlichenko?
04-Apr-2017 WWII How the BBC`s truth offensive beat Hitler`s propaganda machine
03-Apr-2017 WWII Heisenberg's mother to the rescue
02-Apr-2017 WWII

The Man Who Brought the Swastika to Germany, and How the Nazis Stole It

01-Apr-2017 WWII Mein Kampf returns to Japanese schools as teaching material
31-Mar-2017 WWII

B17's in WWII

30-Mar-2017 WWII JFK called Hitler the stuff of legends: Secret diary reveals future president`s fascination with Nazi dictator
29-Mar-2017 WWII The march of the Nazi war machine:
28-Mar-2017 WWII Documentary film series Five Came Back reveals how WWII weaponized Hollywood
27-Mar-2017 WWII 10 Facts: Stalin`s Great Purge - More Than Half A Million Shot
26-Mar-2017 WWII Fascism was popular because, for those not persecuted, it was a welfare state
25-Mar-2017 WWII Lend-Lease Saved Countless Lives - But Probably Didn`t Win the Eastern Front
24-Mar-2017 WWII Hitler`s Compromises: Coercion and Consensus in Nazi Germany
23-Mar-2017 WWII

The Mosin-Nagant: The Russian Sniper Rifle Nazi Germany Feared Most

22-Mar-2017 WWII Postscript to WWII: the mass exodus of Germans from former occupied countries
21-Mar-2017 WWII Germany to clear gays convicted under Nazi-era law
20-Mar-2017 WWII SA & the Nazis:  Not In Plain Sight
19-Mar-2017 WWII SA & the Nazis:  Nazi Gold in Argentina
18-Mar-2017 WWII SA & the Nazis:  Peron's Nazi Ties
17-Mar-2017 WWII SA & the Nazis:  Peron and the Argentinian Nazis
16-Mar-2017 WWII The Battle of Brody: The Biggest Tank Battle Ever
15-Mar-2017 WWII Rochus Misch: Bodyguard who found Hitler and Eva Braun`s dead bodies
14-Mar-2017 WWII Hitler`s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law
13-Mar-2017 WWII Photos by aide to Churchill`s chief of staff
12-Mar-2017 WWII In Pictures: WWII Hong Kong battle site trashed and covered in graffiti
11-Mar-2017 WWII 10 Abandoned Underground Factories of the Second World War
10-Mar-2017 WWII German fighter pilots in WW II shot down more enemies when they were jealous of their colleagues
09-Mar-2017 WWII Operation Platinfuchs
08-Mar-2017 WWII Nazi WWII Plan to Attack US With Sub Missiles
07-Mar-2017 WWII Hitler`s Heralds: The Story of the Freikorps 1918-1923
06-Mar-2017 WWII US Submarine with Mark 51 rocket launchers on its deck ravaged Japan
05-Mar-2017 WWII Photos of high-ranking Nazis awaiting the Nuremburg Trials as they relax in a British POW camp
04-Mar-2017 WWII Kettenkrad, WWII motorcycle-tank hybrid,
03-Mar-2017 WWII Churchill`s Ungentlemanly war against the Nazis
02-Mar-2017 WWII The Unbuilt Nazi Pantheon
01-Mar-2017 WWII Photo gallery: 10 Surviving Military Relics of World War Two
28-Feb-2017 WWII The Grosser 770 K Model 150
27-Feb-2017 WWII The Reichstag Fire: a pivotal event in the history of Nazi Germany
26-Feb-2017 WWII KV-1 and KV-2: Russian tank so hard to destroy it could just run over anti-tank guns
25-Feb-2017 WWII British Resistance in the Occupied Channel Islands in World War Two
24-Feb-2017 WWII Spitfire to take to the skies 73 years after it crashed following a 3 million restoration project
23-Feb-2017 WWII Hitler`s tipping point: When extermination of the Jews became official Nazi policy
22-Feb-2017 WWII Hitler`s Berlin: Abused City by Thomas Friedrich
21-Feb-2017 WWII Real Schindler`s list expected to make $2.4m in sale
20-Feb-2017 WWII Asia`s disturbing embrace of Nazi chic
19-Feb-2017 WWII Hitler phone a fake: German phone expert
18-Feb-2017 WWII Hitler`s red personal telephone from Fuhrerbunker up for auction
17-Feb-2017 WWII Who was Brunhilde Pomsel?
16-Feb-2017 WWII Tokyo Rose
15-Feb-2017 WWII Attack on Bari
14-Feb-2017 WWII WW2 Themed Vintage Valentine Cards
13-Feb-2017 WWII Nazi Sub Portrayed in Raiders of the Lost Ark Discovered in the North Atlantic
12-Feb-2017 WWII The Nazi Ratlines
11-Feb-2017 WWII Rise of the Dictators:  Mussolini
10-Feb-2017 WWII The Secret War Off a US Coast
09-Feb-2017 WWII Rise of the Dictators:  Stalin
08-Feb-2017 WWII During WW2, the U.S. Saw Italian-Americans as a Threat to Homeland
07-Feb-2017 WWII Rise of the Dictators:  Franco
06-Feb-2017 WWII Minutes of the Wannsee Conference
05-Feb-2017 WWII Rise of the Dictators:  Hirohito
04-Feb-2017 WWII Pictures and Videos from WW2 Music Night
03-Feb-2017 WWII Invasion of Japan 1945 - The latest strategy game campaign from Conflict-Series out now
02-Feb-2017 WWII The M-3 Grant: America`s Nazi Germany Tank-Killer: Why were Rommel`s tanks blowing up?
01-Feb-2017 WWII Rise of the Dictators:  Killing Hitler
31-Jan-2017 WWII The Personal Photograph Albums of Herman Goering by Blaine Taylor
30-Jan-2017 WWII The Third Reich`s Fifth Column: 12 Germans Who Stood Up to the Nazis
29-Jan-2017 WWII FDR vs. Churchill: Just How Bad Did the Rift Between the Two Leaders Get?
28-Jan-2017 WWII Serving Aboard World War II Submarines Was Brutal
27-Jan-2017 WWII Declassified report: Soviets massacred 10,000 Soviet citizens in northern Poland
26-Jan-2017 WWII China says 2,500 wartime Japanese chemical weapons destroyed
25-Jan-2017 WWII A replica of Hitler`s bunker in Berlin Reveals an Uneasy Phenomenon: Hitler Sells
24-Jan-2017 WWII Germany sees overwhelming sales of annotated critical edition of Mein Kampf
23-Jan-2017 WWII There are heaps of WWII junk rusting in Greenland: and the photos are eerily beautiful
22-Jan-2017 WWII 4 captured Nazi U-boats you can actually get into
21-Jan-2017 WWII The DIY Spitfire: Enthusiast builds working replica fighter plane in his Reading garage
20-Jan-2017 WWII A Survey Of Imperial Japan`s World War II Small Arms
19-Jan-2017 WWII Nazis landed on British soil in a sabotage operation in WWII but commandos wiped them out
18-Jan-2017 WWII Germany`s Secret World War II Plan to Attack America with Submarine Missiles
17-Jan-2017 WWII Provocative posters and fake news: Inside America`s WWII Propaganda Machine
16-Jan-2017 WWII Germany`s He 177 - the only mass produced long-range heavy bomber - Was a Big Mistake
15-Jan-2017 WWII Pictures: Life and Death of the German Heavy Cruiser Admiral Graf Spee
14-Jan-2017 WWII The National WWII Museum in the US to put thousands of oral histories online
13-Jan-2017 WWII Germany`s biggest post-war evacuation for an unexploded bomb in Augsburg on Xmas day
12-Jan-2017 WWII Hitler`s Austrian birthplace will be home for disability charity
11-Jan-2017 WWII Japan`s Midget Submarine Attack on Pearl Harbor Was a Suicide Mission
10-Jan-2017 WWII Powerful interactive map of first-person accounts from Pearl Harbor
09-Jan-2017 WWII Officers who saved 75 tons of Polish gold in WWII buried in Warsaw
08-Jan-2017 WWII OSS (Office of Strategic Services) granted Congressional Gold Medal
07-Jan-2017 WWII The Ratte - Nazi engineers planned to create 1000-ton mega tank
06-Jan-2017 WWII New biography on Lord Haw-Haw
05-Jan-2017 WWII Three Of The Best WWII Spies Operating In Europe - And They Are All Women
09-Jan-2017 WWII The Mail Plane That Hunted Japanese Planes After Pearl Harbor
04-Jan-2017 WWII Who was Adolf Burger?
03-Jan-2017 WWII Japan fought with such brutality that even today Japanese scholars and diplomats have a hard time dealing with it
02-Jan-2017 WWII Photos of Japanese mini-submarine sunk during Pearl Harbor attack
01-Jan-2017 WWII Website launched to help track down artworks stolen in World War II




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