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The WW2 History Club is gathering interest for a trip to Fantasy of Flight on 08-Mar-2013 (a Friday).   Fantasy of Flight is a world-class aviation museum about 75 minutes from The Villages.  On March 8th is one of their Legends and Legacies Symposiums, in particular Beyond The Battlefield:


“Hear first hand accounts from an elite panel whose wartime experience prepared them to lead a life of leadership. In this symposium we honor a few who took their harrowing experiences and continued to succeed over adversity; embracing every opportunity to inspire others. Come hear their tales of triumph.”


The proposed itinerary:

1.      leave The Villages about 8:15AM

2.      travel to the facility arriving about 9:45 (see transportation notes below)

3.      doors open at 10AM

4.      Symposium starts at 10:30 and runs for about an hour (no requirement that you attend)

5.      Lunch around noon

6.      Free time to see exhibits

7.      Get together in meeting room about 3PM to discuss what we have seen

8.      Depart about 4 PM

9.      Arrive back in the Villages about 5:30 PM


Transportation Notes

We have checked one local bus company to get a feel for transportation costs.  We may find slightly better prices as we check around, but it is clear that renting a bus for a day will be more expensive than car pooling.  If we had 50 people travelling, the cost would be about $18/person.  As the number of participants goes down, the cost per person goes up.  For 25 people, the cost is $30 each.  Car pooling provides more flexibility and the lowest costs but we loose the nice aspects of everyone being on the same bus.


If we can get sufficient interest quickly, we will likely get a group rate which is about $21 each for everyone


If we opt for the bus, we can eliminate #7 above and discuss what we have seen on the bus trip back


Estimated Costs:



Bus (assumes group fees)

Car Pool (group fees)

Car Pool


$18 or higher

$6 (assumes 4/car)

$6 (assumes 4/car)

Entrance Fee



$24 for vets, $28 for seniors


No charge

No charge

No charge

Symposium Meet/Greet









$49 or higher


$40 for vets; $44 for seniors


To qualify as a vet you need an active military ID card or a retired military ID card.


If you are interested, contact Dennis Carroll at (352) 391-1495 or  We need to make a decision by 08-Feb-2013