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Subject: WW2 History Club ... 2013 Open House



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The October meeting (23-Oct-2013) will be our annual Open House.  The setup will be similar to last year except we will have more space …we had a large crowd last year so we will expand into two double rooms (twice the space) for this years event.

§         we will have tables (30” by 72”) set up so that members who have WW2 collections/memorabilia and wish to share them will be able to display their collection and talk with fellow members about it (show and tell)

§         as per our normal meetings, we will have several tables for the sale of donated books and a table for WW2HC items (coffee mugs, shirts, etc)

§         a small area will be set aside for live demonstrations of the club’s web site and a few other computer-based things that may be of interest

§         we will have reps from interesting clubs and organizations available to chat with you about what they do


We also plan to have round tables (5 foot dia) set up with a few chairs for members to site down and just chat with each other.  Refreshments will be available (and they will be a lot better than our standard coffee and ice water.  Members will be able to move about the room at their leisure seeing collections, exhibits and talking with fellow members.   We expect that most of the WW2 vets who have previously presented at past meetings will be available to chat with you. 


We also plan to have several raffles of Goldstein books and (maybe) other things of interest.


A few ground rules for members displaying their collection(s):

1.      You will be responsible for your collection so you need to be there for the entire meeting (or make arrangements for someone else to be there for you).  The club can not re responsible for any of your items.  I do not recommend that you bring delicate items unless they are protected.

2.      There are no rules about what you can or can not bring with the exception of no working firearms, live ammunition, explosives, etc.  We also have to limit things to objects that will fit on a standard table, so if you have a WW2 jeep or a Tiger Tank, you will have to park it outside

3.      Items about WW2 are just as interesting as items from WW2 so if you have unusual books, photographs, paintings, magazines, models, etc., and are comfortable showing them, that is great.  If we have a half dozen or more paintings or large photos, we may set up a gallery area.

4.      Tables will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Only one table per member for now.  Starting Oct 1st we will allow multiple tables for individual members if there are any tables left.


If you would like to reserve a table to display your “collection”, please REPLY back to me. 


If you would be willing to help with refreshments, please REPLY back to me.


If you have some thoughts on things that you would like to see at this special meeting, please reply back with those thoughts.