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Notice:  you have received this email because you are a member of the WWII Book Club and explicitly asked to be on this mailing list.  If you wish to be removed, please REPLY back indicating that you want to be removed.  I will immediately remove you from the club’s electronic mailing list.


The notice is going out early because no solid info on May’s topic was available at the April meeting


The May meeting of the WWII Book Club will be held on Tuesday, 14-May-2012, 2PM to 4PM at Colony Cottage.  The topic will be Military, Diplomatic/Political, and Economic Intelligence which includes signals intelligence (codes and ciphers), spies, deception schemes, and other “secret” activities and the consequences of those activities (how was the intelligence used and did it matter).  So the book proposed and articles identified will cover a fairly broad range

The articles for May are:

µ     The Doll Seller Who Played With Spies (club library article)

µ     Spies Like Us (Daily Item)

µ     Carpetbaggers Project (Daily Item)

µ     TqzUfsnt (a WW2HC Work In Progress)

µ     Navajo Code Talkers (WW2HC meeting presentation)

µ     What If ... the Allies Had Not Broken the German Naval Code?   (club library article)


All items above are web pages or a pdf file available in the club’s articles library.  With the exception of TqzUfsnt, they are short (a few pages) and easy to read.


In keeping with the membership’s desire to read books of interest, the book for May is The American Black Chamber by Herbert O. Yardley.  Copies are generally available for $11 and up. 


Finally, in keeping with the nature of the May meeting, we may practice deception and change the reading list without telling you, we may add an item that we will subsequently ignore, we may add a reading item whose title has been encoded or enciphered (and you have to figure out the real title), we may change meeting location  … watch out!



If you can read this, thank a teacher.  If you can read this in English, thank a vet.