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WW2 History Club – February Reminders



Monthly Meeting:

When:            Wednesday, February 27th,  3PM to 5PM

Where:          Colony Cottage Rec Center

Topic:            Stalin:  if you had a contest to identify the most evil person who ever lived, Stalin would win.   He might also win a contest for the most politically astute individual.  The current perception of many Russians is that Stalin was a hero who rallied the Russian people when all seemed lost. 

            Format:         Lecture, video, Q&A

            More Info:     click here to visit the club’s web site


WW2 Vets Meeting

When:            Wednesday, February 27th,  2:15PM to 3PM  

Where:          Colony Cottage Rec Center

Topic:            This session is open to WW2 vets only; it is an opportunity for them to meet and socialize

            Format:         Informal discussion

            Contact:        Lou Branch, (352) 259-6965

            More Info:     click here to visit the WW2 Vets home page


Special Items

Trips:  we are considering two club-sponsored trips this spring:

1.      Fantasy of Flight (just off I-4 between Orlando and Tampa; about 90 minutes away).  Friday, March 8th.  We tried to organize a group trip and a bus, but it just did not work out.  At Wednesday’s meeting, we will firm things up with a show of hands for people who are going and a show of hands for people who can provide car-pool assistance.  We will leave Colony Cottage at 8:15 (arrive at Fantasy of Flight about 9:45) and return about 4PM.  We have a room reserved at Colony Cottage from 4PM to 6PM to talk about the trip

2.      UDT-Seal Museum in Fort Pierce, FL (about 3 hours away).   Date is TBD.  We will spend a few minutes on Wednesday talking about this trip and will ask for a show of hands to indicate “interest”.  Assuming a reasonable number, we will do a little more on this trip and see what makes sense.

Villages Honor Flight:     The WW2HC was the original sponsoring club for local involvement in Villages Honor Flight and continues to be one of the biggest supporters.  Last year the WW2HC donated over $4,000 to Villages Honor Flight.  That was enough to take 8 vets to Washington, DC.  In 2013, Villages Honor Flight will fly twice the number of flights as it did in 2012, so its costs will double.  We will pass the helmet on Wednesday and again in March.  Let’s see if we can exceed the 2012 total.


Refreshments available at all events.  All events are free (including refreshments) to all Villagers and their guests


Arrive early to browse the (donated) books and DVDs for sale (book sales help to offset the cost of running the club)


For more info call Mark at (585) 455-2853 or Don at (412) 417-9812 or visit our web site


If you can read this, thank a teacher.  If you can read this in English, thank a vet.