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WW2 History Club – January Reminders



Monthly Meeting:

When:            Wednesday, January 23rd,  3PM to 5PM

Where:          Colony Cottage Rec Center

Topic:            Patton   It would be hard to image a more flamboyant and controversial combat commander than Patton.  There have been many books, several movies and hundreds of articles about Patton.  In the two hours available we will try to provide a balanced view of this most interesting man and his accomplishments.

            Format:         Lecture, video, Q&A

            More Info:     click here to visit the club’s web site


WW2 Vets Meeting

When:            Wednesday, January 23rd2:15PM to 3PM   Note new (earlier) Start Time

Where:          Colony Cottage Rec Center

Topic:            This session is open to WW2 vets only; it is an opportunity for them to meet and socialize

            Format:         Informal discussion

            Contact:        Lou Branch, (352) 259-6965

            More Info:     click here to visit the WW2 Vets home page


Special Items

Trips:  we are considering two club-sponsored trips in 2013.  One to Fantasy of Flight (just off I-10 between Orlando and Tampa) and one to the UDT-Seal Museum in Fort Pierce.   Both would be one day trips.  The former is an easy trip (about 90 minutes each way).  The latter would be a longer trip (about 3 hours each way)




Refreshments available at all events.  All events are free (including refreshments) to all Villagers and their guests


Arrive early to browse the (donated) books and DVDs for sale (book sales help to offset the cost of running the club)


For more info call Mark at (585) 455-2853 or Don at (412) 417-9812 or visit our web site


If you can read this, thank a teacher.  If you can read this in English, thank a vet.