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Week Ending 21-Jul - 2012


Upcoming Events

The club's July meeting (July 25th, 3PM to 5PM, Colony Cottage Rec Center) will complete our two meeting examination of FDR covering the presidential years.  Rather than our typical format of lecture, video, and discussion, we will view Parts III and IV of the PBS series on FDR.



Local Museums

There are a number of interesting military oriented museums and memorials not far from The Villages.  Click here for a general listing.  We will review one each week or so.

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Other News

Villages Honor Flight has started planning for its Sep 2012 and Oct 2012 flights.  Guardians (who escort WWII vets during the day) are still needed for these flights.  If you are interested, visit the web site, www.villageshonorflight.org and review what guardians do. 

If you belong to a club or other organization that would be interested in having someone from Honor Flight visit and present information on Honor Flight, contact Villages Honor Flight at (352) 432-1382 or InfoLine@villageshonorflight.org


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In keeping with the intent of this email, only items added to the web site in the last week will be discussed.  Something is added every day, so it is worth your while to visit the site every few days and click on What’s New and then on Overall


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