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The table below lists the more significant emails that have been sent out in the last few months; most recent are at the top.  The Date is when the email was first sent out.  You can search this list using the standard search technique for your browser.  If you are unsure how to do that, click here

 Emails are sent out about club activities, not about items posted to the web site.  Those can be found in the Daily Items section.

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Original Date Email Subject
06-Sep-2013 September Book Club Meeting (#2)
06-Sep-2013 September Movie Night
29-Aug-2013 2013 Open House (#2)
28-Aug-2013 September Book Club Meeting
26-Aug-2013 August Meeting Reminder
25-Jul-2013 2013 Open House
14-Jul-2013 July Movie Night reminder
12-Jul-2013 August Book Club Meeting
29-May-2013 June Book Club Meeting
14-May-2013 May Movie Night Reminder
01-May-2013 May Book Club Meeting
15-Apr-2013 April Movie Night Reminder
24-Mar-2013 March Meeting Reminder
17-Mar-2013 April Book Club Meeting
09-Mar-2013 March Book Club Meeting
24-Feb-2013 February Meeting Reminder
17-Feb-2013 February Movie Night Reminder
09-Feb-2013 February Book Club Meeting
30-Jan-2013 Trip to Fantasy of Flight
21-Jan-2013 January Meeting Reminder
15-Jan-2013 January Movie Night Reminder
06-Jan-2013 January Book Club Meeting



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