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The normal Wednesday afternoon meetings will attempt to cover topics at a level or depth appropriate for most members.  Some members will want more -- perhaps much more -- depth.  Focus groups will be formed to provide that increased depth.  Focus groups could also be formed to go on trips, do community work, whatever a group of people within the club want.  Focus groups will form and dissolve as needs change.  At present there are very few rules:

  1. someone needs to be "in charge", organize activities, etc.

  2. there probably needs to be at least one other member of the group

  3. If the group wants to use rec center facilities, they will have to go to the appropriate rec center and fill out the paperwork necessary.

Work in Progress

The rest is up to the members of the group.  If the group wants, they can obtain a "Wednesday meeting" slot and present to the general membership.  The group could ask for an entire meeting or just part of a meeting.

Each group, their interests and a contact (with email address) will be listed on this web page.  The group can have a web page (or pages) on the club's site that the webmaster will manage for them or they can manage it themselves (assuming adequate tools and skills to do that). 

Focus Group Interests Contact
Signals Intelligence The processes used to gather intelligence from communications (signals) and the influence of this intelligence on the conduct and outcome of WW2.  The use of codes, ciphers, cipher machines (like Enigma) and related systems to encrypt and secure information; the corresponding analysis by the other side to untangle those encoded or enciphered messages, and the distribution and use made of such intelligence

Mark Erdrich

European Air War The air war strategy, operational tactics, equipment and personnel  employed by both the Allies and the Axis in Europe. 

Mark Erdrich

Manufacturing Manufacturing planning and operations to support the war effort on both sides.  Lots of topics could be covered; will definitely explore US, British and German aircraft manufacturing, US truck manufacturing, German and Russian tank manufacturing.  

Mark Erdrich


Questions? Problems?  Contact the webmaster or one of the club's steering committee members.

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