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Topic Making Things Bigger or Smaller
Date 18-Feb-2012

One of the unfortunate Rules of the Universe is that as we get older and our eyes get poorer, the people who design things we need to see get younger and the font they use gets smaller.  Well, maybe that is not quite true, but it sure seems that way most of the time.

I can not help you if you can not see what time it is or what your navigation system on your car is trying to tell you or if you can not see what is on your cell phone, but I can help you with your browser.  Virtually all browsers have a little known feature that allows you to increase or decrease the size of whatever is displayed on your screen.  Simple hold down the Ctrl key and hit the + key to make things larger or the - (minus) key to make things smaller.  You can do this repeatedly to make things whatever size you want. 

This approach can also be used when the image on the screen is just a little bit bigger than your screen and you need to use scroll bars to see the last little bit.  Ctrl -  will make everything a little bit smaller and will likely eliminate the need for scroll bars.

Ctrl 0 will set everything back to the defaults