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13-Jan-2015 Book Club meeting for January
21-Jan-2015 Movie Night for January
28-Jan-2015 Regular meeting for January 
10-Feb-2015 Book Club meeting for February
18-Feb-2015 Movie Night for February
25-Feb-2015 Regular meeting for January 
27-Feb-2015 Evening of WWII Music 
27Feb - 1Mar

Wings of Freedom Tour

About Collings Foundation and the Tour

27Feb-1Mar at Leesburg

28-Feb-2015 Villages Honor Flight: first flightless mission of the year
18-Mar-2015 Movie Night for March
25-Mar-2015 Regular meeting for March
28-Feb-2015 Villages Honor Flight: first regular mission of the year
15-Apr-2015 Movie Night for April
22-Apr-2015 Regular meeting for April
24-Apr-2015 Book Club meeting for April
20-May-2015 Movie Night for May
27-May-2015 Villages Honor Flight: second regular mission of the year
22-May-2015 Book Club meeting for May
27-May-2015 Regular meeting for May
17-Jun-2015 Movie Night for June
24-Jun-2015 Regular meeting for June
26-Jun-2015 Book Club meeting for June
15-Jul-2015 Movie Night for July
22-Jul-2015 Regular meeting for July
24-Jul-2015 Book Club meeting for July
19-Aug-2015 Movie Night for August
26-Aug-2015 Regular meeting for August
28-Aug-2015 Book Club meeting for August
10-Sep-2015 Villages Honor Flight: third regular mission of the year
16-Sep-2015 Movie Night for September
23-Sep-2015 Regular meeting for September
25-Sep-2015 Book Club meeting for September
26-Sep-2015 Villages Honor Flight: 2nd flightless mission of the year
21-Oct-2015 Movie Night for October
Lou Branch, long time member of the WW2 History Club, was killed in an automobile accident on Route 25 in Marion County on 20Oct'15.  His daughter was seriously injured.
Lou had the distinction of serving in both the US Army and US Navy during WWII and with the US Air Force when it was formed just after WWII.  Lou had lots of great stories about his military career – several of which were shared with the WW2 History Club membership when he presented as part of our “Vets Speak” series in Nov 2011.  The one I particularly like is “chasing deer in the Everglades in a B47”.  Lou logged over 9000 hours in 20 different aircraft from trainers to B25s to B52s.  He was partial to the B47 and called it the best looking plane he ever flew.
Lou has been leading the WW2 Vets Group for several years and the Hangar Flyers Club for a lot longer.
Lou was a terrific guy and will be sorely missed.  As you pause to remember Lou, include his wife, Eileen, and daughter in your thoughts and prayers.
28-Oct-2015 Regular meeting for October
28-Oct-2015 Villages Honor Flight: final regular mission of the year
30-Oct-2015 Book Club meeting for October
01-Oct-2015 WW2 History Club Trips:  Preliminary info on proposed trips has been posted to the Trips area.  At present, we are looking for interest only.  If sufficient interest is shown, we will do preliminary planning and publish proposed dates, costs, itinerary, etc. 
18-Nov-2015 Regular meeting for November has been moved from the 4th Wed to the 3rd Wed to minimize Holiday conflicts.  Same time and location.  Pizza and beverages will be offered between 4:45 and 5:45 for those who will attend the regular meeting and then move on to Movie Night.
18-Nov-2015 Movie Night for November
20-Nov-2015 Book Club meeting for November has been moved from the 4th Friday to the 3rd Friday to minimize Holiday conflicts.  Same time and location
Book Club meeting for December has been moved from the 4th Friday to the 2nd Friday to eliminate conflict with Christmas.  Same time and location
Movie Night for December
23-Dec-2015 Regular meeting for December has been cancelled


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