Search Info


A special search page has been set up to search just the WW2HC web site.

The search engine is Google.  To make it free for club use, we have to accept "ads" which means a few hits on other sites.  They will always at the top of a results page and there will be a faint gray horizontal line separating them from the useful stuff   Just ignore anything above the faint gray line.

Enter search criteria into the search box.  It is a light blue/gray and a bit hard to see (I am trying to find a way to make it more visible).  For now, there are solid orange lines above and below the search box

Search results will be displayed in the standard Google format immediately below the search box.  Like all other searches by Google, Yahoo or others, the current site is not actually searched; rather the search matches key words that were found when the site was "crawled" or indexed at some previous time.  That may be hours, days or even weeks ago, so recent content may not appear.

When you click on a result that is another web page, the results will be displayed in a new window.  That way the original search results are retained.


To go to the special search page, click here


There are other methods to search the ww2hc site; click here for some suggestions