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This page lists trips that might interest club members.  They are not formally organized/sponsored by the WW2 History Club.  A travel agency organizes the trips with some input from the WW2 History Club.


Dates Destination More Info Local Contact Status
13 to 30 May 2011 Germany, Poland and Russia WW2EuroTrip.pdf Jim Renner closed / complete
16 to 18 Sep 2011 Washington, DC Wash DC Trip

Don Goldstein

Peggy Applebee

closed / complete
29 Oct 2011 Kennedy Space Center

Space Center Trip

  closed / complete
06 to 17 Dec 2011 Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Trip

Don Goldstein

Pat Cronenberg

closed / complete
10 Mar 2012 Valiant Command / TICO Air Show

Air Show

Air Show

closed / complete
8 Mar 2013 Fantasy of Flight More Info Here Dennis Carroll closed / complete  
23 Mar 2013

TICO AirShow

More Info here Lou Branch

closed / complete

Other May 2013 European Theater European Tour closed / complete  

Jun 2014

Mississippi Riverboat & DDay Museum click here Peggy Applebee cancelled  

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