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Item Roof Shingles Problem
Date Posted 20-Mar-2013


You may have heard that there have been problems with Owens Corning Shingles on roofs in The Villages.  This is not the problem with homes built in 2003 - 2006 where roofing shingles were delaminating.  This is a much more recent problem with shingles that are loosing their "grit" or particles.  If your shingles are ones that are affected, there is a five year free replacement warranty.  The clock starts ticking at Closing.  After that, they are pro-rated. 

Everyone should at least call the Villages Warranty Department and find out if your home has Owens Corning Shingles; they are well aware of the problem.  If so, you should determine if your shingles are part of the bad batch(s).  If you call Owens Corning at 1-800-766-3464, they would inform you that there are three Owens Corning Certified Roofers for the Villages.  They are Dan Shepler (352-751-1471), Sack Roofing (352-430-2773), and SPS Roofing (352-347-8530).  Any of these companies can do an inspection that may indicate the problem.  Some of these companies may charge for them to evaluate your roof.  They are not authorized to judge if the roof is truly faulty; they can only inspect and tell you if they think the shingles might be bad.  It is up to Owens Corning to make the final determination.  If they indicate that your roof may have a problem, you should then contact Owens Corning, initiate a claim and "follow the instructions".