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For a homeowner looking to replace a damaged, deteriorated, or unsightly decking with the all of the benefits of new Baybuild Decking, the best place to start the search is online. With the large selection of finishes and colors available, there is something for every homeowner. The wide variety of styles include modern, contemporary, and classic designs, each engineered to withstand wear and tear from the elements. Most importantly, when chosen to match a home’s color scheme, the new decking will blend seamlessly into the existing landscape.



To ensure the highest quality throughout the fabrication and installation of your new Baybuild Decking system, our skilled craftsmen use only the highest quality products and materials. Each component is carefully selected to meet the highest standards of sturdiness, durability, and design. Each piece of decking is made from the finest wood, including cherry, maple, walnut, birch, and hickory. And because we pride ourselves on only using the best raw materials, each board you see for your new deck is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.


The time it takes to put a new deck in your yard is less than one day, and the finished result is almost always more than worth the effort. There are thousands of styles to choose from, and all are engineered to resist decay and warping from the outdoor conditions. Once you have decided which style will best fit your needs, contact Baybuild decking specialists. They will create a plan for your deck and help you through every step of the process from initial idea to full completion. With over 50 years of experience in the decking industry, they will make sure your project is completed with skill and precision.

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