PASMA Training and the PQTP Program

The PASMA Training is one of two recognized Accredited Senior PASMA traineeships. The other one is the PASMA Qualified Personal Trainers (PQTP) program. The PASMA Training offers two levels of courses. One level is aimed at providing the candidate with basic knowledge in PASMA and one level is focused on advanced technical skills. This course is specially designed to give you hands-on experience in the field of PASMA so that you will know exactly what it takes to be a good PASMA Qualified Personal Trainer. Click here to Read more info.

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Pasma Training?

This PASMA Training teaches you the necessary safety measures that are needed to be followed while working on mobile towers. They also teach you how to dismantle and put together various components that are needed in the construction of mobile towers. This will make your job easier as well as safer. This is because you will have a complete understanding of the tower and the instruments that are used to monitor the towers.

You will get a thorough grounding on all the topics that are relevant to the construction industry and the mobile access towers. After the PASMA qualification, you can start a career in the mobile tower business. You can work on the ground or above ground towers. In both cases, you will be exposed to the height regulations. Once you are done with your PASMA Training and you feel that you are prepared to join the industry, you can join the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Through this membership you can benefit from the numerous benefits that are offered by this prestigious organization such as: