Electricians That Provide Electrical Solutions in the Washington DC Metro Area

electrical solutions

If you need electrical solutions for your home or business location in the Washington DC metropolitan area contact: Eddie’s Electric. “EDGY’s electricians are a full service electrical company offering residential, commercial & mobile electrical services through Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC. Our vehicles are professionally radio dispatch and our technicians often carry cell phones to help customers during emergencies. We offer Audio-video and security consultation services as well.” Read more – click for more information

How to find Electricians That Provide Electrical Solutions in the Washington DC Metro Area

This electrical contracting company is a member of the Wireless Power Association and the electrical board of the city of Arlington. The city of Arlington is one of the fastest growing cities in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area and is a fantastic place to work because of the excellent job market. Electrical contractors that belong to the American Electrical Contractors Association are held to a very strict code of ethics and keep their electrical contractors abreast of any changes in the electrical codes. This allows electricians to provide electrical solutions to both commercial and residential properties.

This company provides several types of electrical solutions including Residential Lighting retrofits, Commercial/ Industrial lighting retrofits, Fault injection technology and Infrared Lighting. They have served the Washington DC metropolitan area since its founding in 2021. Eddie’s Electric is proud to offer its 100% safe electrical contractor insurance. With over twenty years of experience installing, repairing, servicing and selling lights and appliances all across the region they are known as one of the best.

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